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  • Toronto Star - May 26, 2021

    Today’s coronavirus news in Ontario real estate

    Right at Home Realty president John Lusink said some who have made the move away from Toronto could face “a bit of a shock to the system” if their boss wants them back at work. Those who moved might find it difficult to reverse course as home prices have continued to escalate.

    “They will have pulled themselves out of a market they can’t get back into,” he said.

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  • Storeys - May 26, 2021

    An Out-of-Town Move Could Hurt the Career, Say 42% of Ontarians

    Soaring home prices, a new remote office culture, and an inevitable reevaluation of living spaces was the perfect combination for an exodus of Ontarians from urban areas like Toronto.

    According to Right at Home Realty's latest consumer surveym if a work-from-home culture was made permanent, 55% of Ontarians say they’d consider relocating.

    Not surprisingly, given a collective lockdown-inspired sense of stir craziness, the survey showed that of the homeowners who plan to sell in the next two to three years, 39% plan to purchase a bigger house. Meanwhile, just 33% said they intend to downsize.

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  • The Globe and Mail - May 5, 2021

    New life returning to Toronto’s downtown condo market

    Momentum in the Greater Toronto Area real estate market has swung back to the city core as buyers feel more optimistic that urban life is undergoing a renaissance.

    At 1 Roxborough St. E. in Toronto, a buyer recently paid $11.6-million for a three-bedroom, four-bathroom unit, says agent Paul Johnston of Right at Home Realty. He sees the sale as a sign that people are feeling optimistic about the resilience of Toronto.

    Mr. Johnston notes that buyers’ mindsets are changing as they reconsider their lives in the city and try to shake off the stagnation they have been feeling during the pandemic.

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  • Real Estate Magazine - Apr. 26, 2021

    2021: The year of adaptability

    While we may have developed the ability to adapt to the everchanging conditions caused by COVID-19 in a relatively short period of time, the need to develop this skill further has only increased in the real estate industry.

    The skills that Realtors today are required to hone are far greater than ever before. Those who choose to be stagnant in their professional development can expect only one outcome: struggle to remain relevant in today’s market and to meet customer expectations.

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  • Toronto Life Magazine - Apr. 30, 2021

    House of the Week: $5.1 million for a Thornhill home designed with a James Bond theme

    Shay Asnani and Ashley Bardi, Right At Home Realty Inc., 2B Real Estate Division just listed a detached four-bed, seven-bath nestled in a secluded cul-de-sac in Thornhill. The two-storey structure evokes the grandeur of 18th-century French chateaus, with a white stone façade, turrets above the windows and Parisian balcony railings.

    Inside, the designer, a big fan of the James Bond franchise, picked black and white decor to match 007’s iconic tuxedoed aesthetic. Out back, there’s a stone patio surrounded by a bounty of plant life, including cedars, oaks and hydrangeas.

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  • Yahoo Finance Canada - Mar. 11, 2021

    Canada’s housing market: 5 things to know this spring, from mortgages to supply

    Canada’s real estate market is an enigma at the best of times. Naysayers have been waiting for a crash for more than a decade, pointing to markets around the world as examples of the inevitable doom waiting just over the horizon for house-hungry Canadians.

    So you can forgive buyers and sellers for the twitch they’ve developed every time the conversation turns to real estate. And this is the time of year the talk gets loudest, with spring just around the corner and thoughts of cashing out on existing homes sets in like a fever.

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