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  • Business Wire - Aug. 5, 2021

    ShowingTime Adds 50 Team Members in Canada To Serve Its Growing Customer Base

    "ShowingTime provides Right at Home Realty's members with management tools that enhance their productivity and allow them to quickly schedule and confirm showings, so they never missing a showing,” said Branch Manager Richard Weima, who himself has 48 years in residential real estate. “ShowingTime’s suite of features are easy to use and enable Right at Home Realty to streamline showing management. It has elevated our business.”

    Right at Home Realty President John Lusink said they selected ShowingTime for its focus on technology and its all-in-one approach to handling showing management and agent/client communications.

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  • Real Estate Professional - Jul. 21, 2021

    How COVID-19 changed real estate forever

    Real estate agents adapted to unprecedented circumstances in the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, credits one of Ontario’s largest brokerages.

    Scott MacPherson, VP of professional development at Right at Home Realty in Toronto, says that in acclimatising so seamlessly, brokers and agents helped usher in changes that will permanently remain part of agents’ repertoires, particularly virtual tours, which consumers took to quickly.

    “Real estate is honestly a person-to-person business and agents had to rely more on tools they weren’t using before. Once open houses got suspended, they went to virtual platforms and learned how to use software like Matterport,” said MacPherson.

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  • Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine - Jul. 21, 2021

    GTA condo rents declined in Q2 despite rising demand

    Bidding wars for leases, commonplace in pre-pandemic Toronto, have returned to the city’s downtown core.

    “If it’s a good unit and offered at a good price, you get multiple offers on the lease,” said Scott MacPherson, VP of Professional Development at Right at Home Realty. “We see it in the core of Toronto—a one-bedroom, 700 sq ft unit or a two-bedroom, which is hard to find, and close to amenities, get multiple offers.”

    MacPherson added that Mississauga’s city centre condo cluster, as well as downtown Burlington, also see bidding wars for leases. Moreover, MacPherson says that as downtown Toronto becomes more vibrant by the day, many people who fled during the onset of the pandemic are seen to be returning.

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  • NEXTHOME - Jul. 5, 2021

    Barrie – gateway to cottage country a growing community in its own right

    “Unlike Vaughan and other suburban cities, Barrie’s development strategy and plan has been gradual, unfolding and evolving over decades to ensure sustainable and manageable growth,” Max Maccari, broker with Right at Home Realty, Barrie branch, told NextHome.

    For new home development, much of the activity is taking place in the south end of the city, where townhomes and condos are the prevalent housing type, to appeal to first-time buyers and downsizers, Maccari says.

    “Barrie municipal government and employees have made excellent decisions over the years, master-planning the city’s future growth,” he says. “The new housing opportunities over the next three to seven years will be sufficient to maximize Barrie’s population targets.”

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  • The Globe and Mail - Jun. 30, 2021

    Toronto’s hot housing market calms as economy reopens, attentions shift to summer revelry

    John Lusink, president of Right at Home Realty Inc., says sales remain strong at the firm’s 12 branches throughout Ontario, but the pace is less frantic than it was in February and March.

    “I think fatigue has definitely set in to some extent,” he says. Typical competitions often saw 10 or 15 bidders vying for a property in the early months of 2021, he says. Now three to five buyers might submit bids on offer night in many places.

    But this summer may not be as slow as usual, he adds, because the province is just coming out of lockdown and some companies are starting to open up their offices. Prices may ease off from their meteoric rise, but he expects sales will continue to be strong.

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  • Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine - Jun. 29, 2021

    Here’s what to expect in the market this summer

    The GTA real estate market has been on fire for about a year now, but latent cooling signs that have emerged in the last couple of months should last through summer.

    “I don’t think we’re going to see a repeat of last year and part of that is because of the frantic pace we’ve seen since 2020,” said John Lusink, president of Right at Home Realty. “Some of the excess demand has probably been take out of the market, and from what I can see from our Right at Home stats, which I track daily, I see a decline of new incoming deals, which is very gradual but it’s there, and it signals a combination of what you see in the media about buyer fatigue and the new stress test. As people look forward to being able to do stuff, I think you’ll see a more moderate pace throughout the summer, not a repeat of last year.”

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