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  • Storeys Insiders | June 9, 2023

    Expert: Lip Service Alone Will Not Solve The Housing Crisis

    As spring reveals its blossoms, it brings forth a renewed perspective on the real estate landscape, highlighting the interplay between seasonal shifts and the ever-evolving dynamics of the housing market.

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  • Storeys Insiders | April 28, 2023

    In a Changing Market, Here’s How to Set Agents Up for Success

    It may be cliché, but nonetheless, this well-known quote should be the anthem for every real estate agent. Agents who entered the business 10 years ago, possibly even 15 years ago, have never known a down or recessionary market. Other than a few blips here and there, prices have steadily appreciated while supply has not kept pace with population growth, thanks in large part to immigration policy and major world events.

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  • Toronto Star | April 22, 2023

    Homebuyer’s Regret: Should there be a cooling-off period for buyers in a hot market?

    Ontario is considering a cooling off period for pre-construction house buyers — an interval for sober second thought on the implications of a pre-construction house purchase, even after they’ve signed a purchase agreement.

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  • Storeys Insider - column by John Lusink | March, 13, 2023

    Spring Thaw? Insider Provides Perspective Amid Dismal Predictions

    The chatter around real estate’s spring outlook for the housing market is still very much mixed, with the possibility of a recession, persistent low inventory, and unrelenting high interest rates continuing to dampen sales activity. Some pundits predict that prices will continue their downward trend this year, while others say there will be heightened competition among buyers and renewed upward pressure on prices once interest rates stabilize.

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  • Toronto Star | March 11, 2023

    Is it time to buy? Will there be bargains? Five things you need to know about the Toronto spring real estate market

    Call it the big short. There are signs the GTA’s spring real estate market is sparking to life. But a short supply of listings will influence every decision that buyers and sellers make this year, say realtors. Want to buy? Expect competition. Want to sell? Make sure you will be able to find your next home.

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  • Morning Star - Market Updates

    Canadians: Don’t Rush To Buy a House

    “In mid-2022, we saw a dramatic pull back in transactions, close to 23%, and in many markets, it was 40%,” recalls John Lusink, President of Right at Home Realty. In some higher-demand neighbourhoods, price drops have been more subdued and activity is still brisk. “On buyers’ side in Toronto, he continues, we still get two or three simultaneous offers, but it’s not 20 or 30 as we saw a year ago. People will no longer pay excessive amounts over the asking price.”

    As we argued in a previous article, the present slump is not a catastrophe, but a welcome adjustment of prices.

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